Pull Up Stands

Pull Up Stands

At Aztec we can manufacture a vast array of different pull up displays!

The majority of these aren’t custom displays, rather they are client specific graphics attached to off the shelf displays, available from our distribution partners. The most common form of pull up, is the device which incorporates a spring in the base – we supply these in widths varying from 450mm to 3200mm.

The most common size is 800/850mm wide and 2000mm high, this entry level display looks very familiar and the design of two feet is used throughout China, so it’s possible to get what looks like the same display from many suppliers.

We have chosen to use the Plex Neo for this entry level mechanism, although it looks the same at first glance, there are several features which make it a much better product.

They include 1) thicker aluminium in its manufacture 2) a Clip grip to the top which is better than tape 3) A padded bag, which genuinely protects the finished item.

If you download the Plex and Ultima brochures, you’ll see the full range of these displays.

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